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About the Center

The practice of clinical medicine is a complex skill that requires experience to master. Live clinical encounters (including adverse ones) with patients remains the most valuable learning experience for clinical professionals at any level. Optimally, such experiences should be obtained without compromising patient safety and quality of care. Clinical simulation is a way to recreate clinical encounters, and the Simulation Center enhances this method by providing simulated clinical environments in tandem with traditional educational facilities. Here, educational programs and learners can merge book knowledge with clinical practice. Simulation is thus suited for active learning, where learners leverage their own experience to pursue and solve academic questions.

Our Mission

St. Luke’s International University Simulation Center aims to improve the quality of health care by supporting access to comprehensive clinical training environments for the purposes of practical and innovative education, research, and development.

The Simulation Center’s mission is not limited to education. Clinical medicine is conservative and exclusive by nature, due to concern for risks surrounding patient safety and privacy. Simulation can provide environments free of such concerns, where elusive unmet clinical needs can be shared across professions and industries to facilitate innovative solutions that improve the quality of health care, as well as vitalize the health care industry.


Toru Bando, MD PhD

Toru Bando, MD PhDToru Bando, MD PhD

Director, Simulation Center
Chief, Department of Thoracic Surgery

Kyoto University (MD, 1987)
General Surgery Resident, Kobe General Hospital
Department of Thoracic Surgery, National Okinawa Hospital
Research Fellow, Hannover Medical School
Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University (PhD, 1997)
Assistant Professor, Kyoto University
Otsu Red Cross Hospital, Director of Thoracic Surgery
Lecturer, Kyoto University
Associate Professor, Kyoto University

Associate Director

Kiyoyuki Miyasaka, MD MTR

Associate Director

Associate Director, Simulation Center
Staff Physician, Department of Anesthesia
Clinical Associate Professor, School of Nursing / Graduate School of Nursing Science

Swarthmore College (BS Engineering, 2003)
Sensor Test Engineer, Masimo Corporation
Shinshu University School of Medicine (MD, 2008)
Junior Resident, Aizawa Hospital
Anesthesia Senior Resident, St. Luke’s International Hospital
Senior Innovation Fellow, University of Minnesota Medical Devices Center
Simulation Education Fellow, University of Pennsylvania
Master of Science in Translational Research, University of Pennsylvania (MTR, 2015)
Visiting Scholar, McGill University


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