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St. Luke’s International University Simulation Center Facility

Opened in April 2016, the St. Luke’s International University Simulation Center facility embodies the state of the art in simulation, education, and innovation.

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360º panoramic views are available for selected rooms

Operating Room

Operating Room

The 64 square meter (689 square foot) operating room is equipped with real medical gases (oxygen, air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) and suction, and can even be configured to simulate power outage conditions.


Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

A two-bed intensive care area, with 20 square meters (215 square feet) allocated per bed to satisfy the latest standard requirements for intensive patient care areas in Japan.

Inpatient Room (Private)

Inpatient Room (Private)

A private patient room, built to match the size and shape of a standard inpatient room at St. Luke’s International Hospital.

Inpatient Room (4-Bed)

Inpatient Room (4-Bed)

Simulation of a multi-bed inpatient room commonly found in Japanese hospitals, applicable for nursing as well as midwifery education.

Exam Room

Exam Room

The exam room simulates an outpatient clinic, and can be used for standardized patient encounters. It includes a terminal to access the electronic medical record system for training.

Other Rooms

Staff Room

The facility itself is accessible 24/7 by university and hospital faculty and staff, as well as graduate students. During business hours, the simulation center staff provides support for educational activities.


Simulation resources to be shared by the entire university community are now consolidated in this facility. The central storage area serves as a one-stop shop for educators and researchers to locate equipment and supplies for simulations.

Simulation Room

Various simulators can be set up and used in this multipurpose space.

Debriefing Room

Partitioned areas can be set up to debrief simulation encounters, as well as for live viewing and/or playback of recorded sessions.


The glass-lined lounge with balcony matches the open and welcoming learning environment the simulation center aims to provide. This space can be used for breaks and meals.

Staff Station

An inpatient ward staff station overlooks the private inpatient room, intensive care unit, and the operating room. Educators can also use this space to coordinate simulation exercises, such as remotely operate manikins.

Monitoring Room

A high-definition digital video system allows live monitoring and recorded debriefing of simulation encounters. Terminals in the monitoring room provide central control over the entire system, as well as wireless mobile tablets that can be dispatched so educators can stay close to the action.


Simulation Center